A delightful inlet of the western shore of Lake Como holds Musso, at the foot of a rocky spur called “Sasso di Musso”. Ancient houses are lined up along both the sides of Via Regina and short typical porticoes face the lake, close to the piazza of the pier.

A taste of history

Musso’s origins come from the white marble veins appearing on the surface if the “Sasso”; the high-quality white-green marble was largely used since the Roman Age. The village was indeed populated by quarrymen, while the remaining rural population was scattered along the villages set into the slopes nearby. The marble quarries of Musso do not work any more, but the famous Roman pillars of St Lorenzo in Milan as well as many pieces of lapidary of that time, come from Musso and are nowadays findable into many Lombard museums.

In ancient times Musso had a notable historical importance: Gian Giacomo Medici, alias Medeghino, (Duke of Marignano and Marquess of Musso and Lecco) was an Italian captain of fortune that took under his rule the whole Lake Como and nearby areas for ten years and appointed himself Count of the Three Parishes.

Medeghino enriched the pre-existing fortress up to the Sasso strengthening the building into three strategic points: lake-wards, on the cliff dropping to the lake – where it still is the Church of St Eufemia – and on the highest peak of the Sasso. In 1532 the Sforzas (ruling family of Renaissance Italy, based in Milan) drove Medeghino out of the town and the castle was destroyed except for the Church of St Eufemia. On April 27th 1945, the partisans stopped Benito Mussolini along with some of his ministers along the Strada Regina (which links Musso to the town of Dongo).


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